Husqvarna MZ5226


The Zero Tour Specker Husqvarna Mz5226 is another zer o-turning cutter of Husqvarna that has a 5 2-inch cutting width. It is the same as the Iz5223 Husqvarna, the Husqvarna EZ5224 and the Husqvarna LZF5227. The main difference between these four 5 2-inch hostages is the engine that bans them. The MZ 5226 engine is a Briggs and Stratton Endurance Series model. This engine has a power of 26 hp and is a tw o-cylinder model that maintains all lubricated and correctly greased using a pressure lubrication system.

This engine activates the 5 2-inch platform of the Husqvarna MZ5226. This platform houses 3 caliber steel blades 11. Each of the 3 blades is identical. Each of the 3 blades are identical and measure 18. 4 inches long. The cutting platform has an operating height that varies more than 3 inches, from a minimum of 1. 5 inches to a maximum of 4. 5 inches above the ground. The platform rises and lowers by means of a spring assisted lever. Download the cuts of cut grass outside the right side of the roof in a controlled way thanks to the large discharge channel that gives the roof a total width of 67 inches. On the edge of attack there are 2 anticaic wheels (1 on each side) and a front roller in the center. These act to guide the platform gently through the grass, while at the same time prevents it from getting hooked on the ground and potentially scrape it.

The maximum speed that the Husqvarna mz5226 is reached is 12. 9 kph (8 mph), while in reverse can only reach half of this speed, 6. 4 kph (4 mph). To turn on a ten cents (that is, make a complete turn of 180 degrees, maintaining the same position on the ground), it only has to provide each rear wheel with the same amount of power, but in opposite directions.

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