John Deere X585


The John Deere X585 spectacés is a very large garden tractor, normally purchased and used by commercial landscapes or garden contractors. The great size and power of this corteped means that it is not so suitable for individuals, for the simple reason that it is quite expensive and the purchase of such a powerful machine for the cut of a single grass would not make much sense (unless, of course, you have and 8 grass acres!).

The JD X585 was manufactured only for 4 years, from 2002 to 2006. It has an extremely powerful liquid cooling, Vicilindrical engine in V that pumps 25 hp that is transferred into a cutting platform that can be 48 inches, 54 inches or aMassive 62 inches wide. The John Deere X585 is able to convert these 25 hp into an 8. 5 mph advance speed, while it can reach up to 5 mph in reverse, all of which can be changed to 4 motor wheels (4WD). This engine also has a 12 V output to feed optional accessories or simply to load the mobile phone.

The fuel tank of the X585 has an impressive capacity of 6. 5 gallons, which allows you to cut for a long time, long before you need to reproduce. Like the majority of the biggest and most modern john deere, the John Deere X585 has cruise control that makes cutting “boring” areas, more flat and straight are much easier. It also has very large tires for a corteped, measuring 26 inches (diameter) by 12 inches (width) in the rear and the front tires stand 18 inches (diameter) by 8. 5 inches (width). The rotation radius of this model is 28 inches, which is reasonable considering that it measures 190 cm long by 118 cm wide.

So this garden tractor is definitely a beast when it comes to size and power, but you can find that it is better to use a much smaller model in your own home, such as turning one of these things is much more difficult than a small cortepedcompact. For more information about this model, you can consult it on the official JD site by clicking here.

4 Reviews of the John Deere X585

I had an Ariens from the 70’s and it was pretty heavy but needed chains in the winter and had an unstoppable snow blower but it was front heavy and hard to steer. The X585 is a dream to operate with the snow blower in the winter, the power steering makes it easy to turn, and switching to 4X4 is a breeze, although I don’t need it unless I’m going off-road. With the cabin on I do not cover myself with snow when blowing or dirt when tilling. I have a cabin heater but have never installed it because I’d rather have it be an electric heater than a water heater, I really don’t want to cut into the cooling system. You probably need a bigger alternator for that. I have had the x585 for about 8 years now and would never own a smaller tractor again.

First of all, I’m sorry, but the site doesn’t allow me to leave previous rating scores. Now the review. I bought my X585 in 2016 used. I had 560 hours on it and have since added about 350 hours. It’s a great all-around machine with top-wheel drive, especially in 4WD. I was immediately impressed with its turning radius in 2WD. I have a 185′ long driveway where much of it is a 10 degree slope and I only have occasional issues with snow slipping while blowing up the driveway when going uphill (I don’t need chains). I bought it with the mower deck, bagger and snow blower. Shortly after, I added the loader and 3-point hitch, which greatly expanded the versatility of the machine. My wife didn’t understand why she wanted the loader, but now that we have it, she loves what it allows us to do-dig big rocks, move gravel, move bulky/heavy outdoor items, and so much more. I added chain hooks and pallet forks bolted to the loader which have come in handy for moving trees, brush and even wishing wells. I really love the machine and wish I would have gotten one when we built our house, but even then the tractor alone with no attachments was over $11k. The way I bought it used, I got it for $9k. The snow blower with hookups alone is around $3500.

I bought this tractor in 2003. After 19 years of service it has been an excellent machine doing many tasks hauling lumber, mowing, blowing snow, moving my 12 foot cargo trailer, and even pulling small stumps. No need for chains in winter the 4×4 makes it easy. After looking at the new x738 configured like mine for $18000, the x585 is head and shoulders all around better than the x738. Not being able to take the 4×4 out of gear on the x738 is huge for gas usage. The bad comments about the x738 made me think twice. After all the years of use it has been in the shop twice, once for an o-ring leak (wear only) and the 600 hour service. YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT.

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