Husqvarna 1830HV Snow Blower


Husqvarna is known for manufacturing fantastic equipment and machinery capable of working in terribly cold climates. After all, Husqvarna has its origin in Sweden, and there is very cold in the winter months! Husqvarna 1830HV snow blower is another example of its commitment to the production of quality machines. This doubl e-stage strip has a cleaning width of 0. 76 m (30 inches) and an aspiration height of 0. 58 m (23 inches), which will be more than enough for the average owner of a house, sothat this machine will be used above all professionals.

The Husqvarna 1830HV quotes is propelled by a large 4-stroke LCT gasoline engine. This engine has a displacement of 0. 41 liters and a fuel tank with capacity for 1. 9 liters of gasoline. The engine provides the 1830HV double stage quittings for a 18-foot-libra pair that operates the wheels, the endless and the driver. The engine is started to the old use (pulling a cable, with a setback mechanism) or with an electric start button fed by the electric grid. The doubl e-stage Husqvarna 1830HV launches transmits the power to the wheels using a chain transmission system housed in an aluminum gearbox. The wheels are specifically designed for snow and are x trac tires.

The endless Husqvarna 1830HV of double stage has a diameter of 0. 3 m (12 inches) and is forged in fold steel to easily cut the compacted snow and ice. Thanks to the power provided by the engine, the auger will also happily take care of small branches and debris without getting stuck or deviating and bending (although it must try to avoid everything that is not snow when using this machine). Next, the driver expels the snow through the duct. If you look for smaller Husqvarna snow blowers, see the Husqvarna 12527HV snow blower or the Husqvarna 11527SB snow blower. Click here to buy the husqvarna snow blower 1830HV.

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