John Deere 530


The John Deere 530 is the tractor who took over from the tractor John Deere 520. The JD 530 had a production that lasted 3 years, from 1958 to 1960. The tractor comes with a hitch of 3 points of category 2 that allows him to work withMany different accessories. The TDF (strength) has a nominal speed of 540 rpm. The total weight of the machine is 2249 kg. It has a wheelbase of 2. 28 m (90 inches) and 2. 11 m (83 inches) at its highest point. The total length of the tractor is 3. 37 m (132. 8 inches).

The John Deere 530 allows you to choose between 3 different engines, all developed and manufactured by JD. The first engine is a natural aspiration bicylindrical gasoline model. Use an oil bath filter and is refrigerated by liquid by means of a very large cooling system that requires 24. 6 liters to fill it completely from a vacuum. The second motor option works with LP gas. This engine is also a bicylindrical model that has a total displacement of 3. 1 liters. The last motor option for JD 530 is a totally fuel engine that is naturally aspired. This 2-cylinder engine has a total volume of 3. 1 liters. The three engines are launched using a 12 volt battery.

The power reaches the wheels of the John Deere 530 after first passing through the gearbox. The gearbox of this tractor is no n-synchronized and uses a dry disc clutch to change march. The gearbox provides 6 marches forward and 1 for reverse. Its maximum speed is 16. 1 km/h. There are other tractors of the same series as JD 530. The smallest models are the John Deere 330 and John Deere 430 tractors, while the tractors John Deere 630 and John Deere 730 are larger and more powerful.

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