Honda HS724WA Snow Blower


The Honda hs724WA snow blower is a little smaller in size compared to the tastes of the Honda Handa Hs928wa snow or even the Honda Honda Hs928tas snow blower. However, it is still a very powerful machine, even if its cleaning width is a little lower by 0. 61 m (24 inches). The engine that drives the doubl e-stage snow blower HS724WA is a Honda GX200 engine that has a 0. 2 liter displacement. A small inconvenience of this engine is that it can only be started through a cable setback mechanism (it does not have the option to start electrically). But this is not important, since the engine has automatic decompression, which makes it easier for its start.

The fuel tank of the doubl e-stage snow blower HONDA HS724WA can contain up to 3. 5 liters of gasoline. This is enough to give the removedness up to 3. 5 hours of operating time (this is according to Honda). The cleaning width of the machine is 0. 61 m (24 inches), while the admission height is 0. 51 m (20 inches). When it enters the snow, the first thing that happens is that the endless steel endless breaks the snow that has much easier to handle pieces. This snow, once inside the housing, moves towards the center of the machine, where it meets the driver. The driver is the second part of this double stage process. It is manufactured in steel and quickly extracts the snow from the housing and expels it through the duct at high speed.

The parachute of the 2-stage snow blower Honda HS724WA is made of steel and has an adjustable deflector at the top to give the operator greater control over where the snow is sending. The parachute rotation is controlled from the operator position.

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