Cub Cadet ZTT50


The CUB Cadet ZTT50 cutter is a fantastic equipment that will help you cut the grass quickly and effectively. If you are wondering what the ZTT means, it means Zero Turn Tractor. This is because the ZTT 50 is capable of turning on a ten cents. In other words, it has a zero rotation radius. The engine that drives this machine is a tw o-cylinder V Coupration in V, which is built by Kohler’s team. This engine pumps 25 horses of force to drive the grass cutter forward as well as to turn the blades on the grass cutter platform.

The cu t-off platform itself has a 5 0-inch cut width, although its total width is actually much greater than this due to the discharge fin located on the side. The ZTT 50 cut platform can be lowered to 1. 25 inches above the ground and rises to 3. 75 inches above the ground. This is done in 0. 5-inch increases so that it can always choose an adequate height to cut. The CUB Cadet ZTT50 cutter platform uses a 3 blade system instead of 1 large to give a much more uniform and soft cut.

A similar but smaller model of the CUB Cadet ZTT50 is the CUB Cadet ZTT42. The only real differences between this model and the ZTT 50 are the size of the engine and the cutting platform. Apart from that, they are practically the same. There are a series of optional accessories that improve the usability of the CUB Cadet ZTT50 Zero Turn Tractor Cortorésped, which makes it much more than another corteped. While there is an optional embolsor to collect the grass cuts, there are also others such as 42 inches, doubl e-stage snow blower, a frontal blade, utility cars and sprayers. If you are looking for larger zero-twist bonuses, then take a look at the Cub Cadet Z-Force S54 Zero Turn Rider.

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