John Deere JS25 Walk Behind Lawnmower


The John Deere JS25 self-propelled lawn mower was replaced by the John Deere JS26. However both are incredibly similar in most aspects. Both have a Briggs and Stratton 0. 19 liter 4-stroke engine which is used to drive both the wheels and the blade used to cut the grass. The engine provides the clipper with 6. 75 foot-pounds of torque. Both mowers use John Deere’s MowMentum drive system, which makes them extremely easy to operate. Controls are conveniently located so you can easily change the speed of the mower while you work. There is also no need to change gear during operation, just shift the transmission lever further forward or further back.

If you have a fairly small garden, but need a lawn mower, then the John Deere JS25 is perfect for you. The fact that it’s self-propelled means you’ll have little trouble driving it. You will also really like the 3-in-1 blade as it gives you 3 options when it comes to cutting grass. Most people use the first option, which is to strap a bagger to the back of the JD JS25 to catch the clippings. However, if you wish, you can add a plug mulch instead which cuts clippings into a fine mulch that breaks down quickly and releases its nutrients back into the soil. The third option is to simply blow the grass clippings out the side of the mower.

The cutting width of the mower deck on the John Deere JS25 is 1 inch smaller than on the JD JS25, measuring 21 inches. However, this does not detract from much. You can adjust the height of the mower deck from just 1. 25 inches above the ground to a much higher 4 inches above the ground. If you’re looking for a slightly upgraded version of this model, check out the John Deere JS35 self-propelled mower or the John Deere JS45 ride-on mower.

4 Reviews of the John Deere JS25 Walk Behind Lawnmower

I have been using this mower for 11 years and it is a workhorse. I’ve never had any problems, just run the suggested annual maintenance and it still starts the first time, every time. Every once in a while at a garden equipment store I’ll see a flashy new model, but with this kind of history, why bother?

A total workhorse and I have not found another manufacturer that can match this mower. The 190cc engine… great performance. Go BIG… or go home.

It’s a piece of junk, I’ll never buy another.

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