John Deere 4455


The John Deere 4455 is a large and powerful drag tractor that occurred in the JD factory in Waterloo, Iowa, and in its Saltillo factory, Mexico, for 4 years, between 1988 and 1992. The engine itself is a JohnDeere Diesel. It is a 6-cylinder and 7. 6-liter turbocharged engine produced by 148 hp. It has a liquid cooling system and a double paper air filter. The JD 4455 has a selection of transmissions. The first is the change of partial marches, John Deere Quad Range, which provides the tractor 16 marches when driving forward and 6 for reverse. The second option is the John Deere Power Shift transmission, with 15 marches to drive forward and 4 marches to go back. The maximum speed that John Deere 4455 can be of respectable 19. 7 mph, while in reverse can only reach one third of this speed.

You can also choose the type of chassis you want at JD 4455. You can go with 4 × 2WD or 4 × 4 MFWD 4WD. The cabin that this tractor includes standard is the Sound Guard cabin. The tractor has a 3-point category 2 hitch that has an elevation capacity of up to 3302 kg (7281 lbs) when the assisted elevation cylinder is used.

The weight of the tractor when sent dry is 6416 kg (14145 lbs), but once it is completely operational it weighs 6938 kg (15275 lbs). It has a wheelbase of 2. 69 m (106 inches), but with the addition of double wheels the width will increase substantially. In addition to being a reasonable tractor for the drag, it also has the option of carrying a loading shovel John Deere 840 as an accessory. This loader has a spoon width of 2. 45 m (96. 5 inches) and a discharge height of 3. 78 m (149 inches). Thanks to the wide availability of John Deere pieces, the John Deere 4455 is very easy to repair if you find any difficulty or mechanical problem.

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