Cub Cadet ENFORCER 44


The Cub Cadet ENFORCER 44 uses a 20-hp Command engine from Kohler. This engine uses overhead valves and a fully pressurized lubrication system to help give it a longer operating life. The engine runs on gas and uses a transistor controlled ignition system. There is an air cooling system to prevent overheating and the engine uses a double element air filter to clean the air intake of impurities. Fortunately this air filter is easily replaceable once worn. The Enforcer 44 mower is started with a 12 volt battery. This battery is recharged via a 15 amp regulated alternator when the engine is running.

The Cub Cadet ENFORCER 44 can store a total of 37. 9 liters of gasoline in its two fuel tanks. This huge fuel storage capacity means you won’t have to worry about refilling every 2 hours. Power from the engine is delivered to the wheels via a dual ZT2800 Hydro-Gear transmission, meaning there’s no gear to change. This transmission system is the one that also allows you to control each rear wheel independently of the other. Moving forward, you can reach a top speed of 12. 9 km/h. The rear wheels, which propel the Enforcer 44 mower at this speed, each measure 20×8-10 (20-inch diameter, 8-inch width, 10-inch rim diameter).

The deck of the Cub Cadet ENFORCER 44 zero-turn mower has a 44-inch width of cut. With the plastic discharge flap attached to the side of the deck, it has an overall width of 54 inches. The platform is made of 11 gauge steel. The deck is raised and lowered via a foot pedal that uses a spring assisted mechanism to make it quite easy. The total weight of the Cub Cadet ENFORCER 44 is 329. 3 kg. The largest ENFORCER models are the Cub Cadet ENFORCER 48 and the Cub Cadet ENFORCER 54.

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