Craftsman YT4500


The Craft YT4500 Garden Craftsped Tractor is another mediu m-sized cutter tractor of the Craftsman equipment. Models similar to this include the 28HP 54 Professional Crafts ″ Garden Tractor Cortacésped and Craftsman 54 inches 26 HP Césped Tractor Cortorspedes. The engine that drives YT 4500 is a Kohler Pro Courange. This tw o-cylinder engine uses a full pressure lubrication system to keep all engine parts working without problems. The engine comes with a complete 2-year warranty. The total displacement of this gasoline engine is 0. 725 liters. The cylinders are covered with iron. The Kohler Pro Courange engine is air refrigerated and uses a paper air filter to purify air inlet. The total YT4500 engine power is 26 hp.

The engine transfers the power to the spinning wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. This transmission gives Craftsman YT4500 infinite speeds that travel forward and infinite speed when you are also investing. The garden tractor speed is controlled by an accelerator pedal. Fortunately, the turning radius in the YT 4500 is quite small in just 16 inches. There is also standard cruise control with this corter tractor. Knowing when to carry the tractor to review is very easy thanks to a digital hours in the dashboard. To turn the tractor, a sector and pinion steering wheel is used.

The tractor front is able to take a snow blade or a snowblower that is very practical if you live in a colder area. The Craftsman YT4500 cu t-up cover has a 5 4-inch cutting width. This platform of the cortesped has 3 blades and can be adjusted through 6 various heights of the cut in hal f-inch increases. The YT 4500 is also compatible with a 3 compartments.

8 Reviews of the Craftsman YT4500

This host has given problems from day one. I have had to operate the cut in the highest cut because the cover would not go up and down. It stuck in all kinds of places in my field and I have to tow it. I also thought that this would be the last cutter that I would have to buy, but my first craftman with much less horses of power worked better than this. I will not buy another Craftsman corteped

I bought the corteped 3 years ago. I just operated 3 hours every Saturday for 3 months or 3 and a half months.

The first 2 months worked well. Then I had a strange vibration from the cutting platform. One of the platform supports had broken.

I welded it again and worked for another month. I prepared it for winter at the end of the season.

The following season it worked for a month before the main board of the crankcase failed. I changed it and the new board lasted 10 hours of operation. I changed it again and worked another 10 hours before the address gear failed. Then the fuel pump failed.

I changed it and worked for 1 day. Then the carburetor failed. I rebuilt it and worked for the rest of the season.

The next (and last) year, the connecting rods fell, so the OHV did not work. Cool. I replaced the bent rods and worked for 1 hour before the crankcase board failed again. When hot oil flew through all my shoes, the piston rods broke.

I will not spend a millisecond more to rebuild this disgusting thing. I prefer to rent a corteped once or twice a month than to work this thing.

I prepared it for winter every year, I changed the oil religiously, I kept it covered, I did all the required maintenance. My last crafts lasted 18 years, it did not last or 3. What a garbage. Never more.

It is really not bad. I have not lost my dream for it.

It is not worth money and I am not worth anything after this experience if I will buy another craftman

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