Kubota GR2020


There are 2 tractor models Garden Garden Cortor. One is the Kubota GR2120, while the other, somewhat less powerful, is the Gubota GR2020, which this article deals with. The GR 2020 is propelled by a GH630 engine. It is a 2-cylinder gasoline engine. The total motor size is 0. 624 liters. The engine avoids overheating by means of an air cooling system. This engine has a total power of 20 hp. The fuel tank supplied to the engine has a maximum capacity of 16 liters.

The Gubota GR2020 is very easy to handle for several reasons. Probably the most useful thing about this garden corter tractor is that it uses a hydrostatic gearbox to transfer engine power to the wheels. This hydrostatic transmission is controlled by a simple pedal. There is no gear change. The GR 2020 is slowed down by an expandable internal brake acted with the foot. The direction of this cortesped is also very comfortable thanks to its assisted hydrostatic direction that Kubota glide technology uses. The management of the garden tractor is quite comfortable, whether it is high and small, thanks to a adjustable seat that can slide forward or backward.

The Kubota GR2020 cutting platform has a 4 8-inch cutting width. This cutting platform is coupled with a hydraulic clutch system PTO. The cutting platform rises and lowers hydraulically from a height of 4 inches to a height of 1 inch above the ground. The elevation and descent are made by a comparator clock in increases of 0. 25 inches. The cutting platform consists of 3 blades. There are a number of implements that can be connected to the GR 2020 that include a rear tidner, a 4 8-inch front blade and a 4 6-inch removers.

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