Craftsman LT2000


The Craftsman LT2000 garden tractor host is from the same series of cortespedes as Craftsman LT4000 and Craftsman LT3000. The cutter cover that is tied to LT 2000 has a 4 2-inch cutting width. This cover is 2 blades and is made of the calibrator steel 13. The platform is lifted and lowered using a hand lever of a height up to 4 inches below at a minimum height of 1. 5 inches. In total, the cutting platform can operate at 6 different heights. On the edge of the grass cutter platform you will notice the anti scalping wheels (these are the small black wheels). These guide the platform on their grass to make sure the blades do not cut the ground.

The engine that activates the cutting platform in the Craftsman LT2000 garden tractor is a Briggs and Stratton Gold model that provides 20 hp. This OHV engine has a pressure lubrication system. Its unique cylinder has a cast iron shirt. The air inlet into the engine is filtered first through a paper air filter to remove any small particle that could alter the combustion process. The total engine displacement is 0. 502 liters. The power is transmitted to the wheels of the LT 2000 through a hydrostatic transmission that provides the kindergarten tractor for both forward and backward.

The rear wheels in the LT2000 of Craftsman, through which the power is transferred each one measure 18 × 9. 5-8 (diameter of 18 inches, width of 9. 5 inches, 8-inch edge diameter) while the front wheels thatThey are responsible for directing the lawn tractor each measure 15 × 6-6 (15-inch diameter, 6-inch width, 6-inch edge diameter). The total weight of the LT 2000 spectacés is 230 kg. If you have previously possessed or currently you have a Craftsman LT2000 tractor then please leave a review of it below.

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