Craftsman 54 Inch 26 hp Lawn Tractor


The Craftsman 54 Inch 26 HP grass tractor has the same cutting width as both the Craftsman Professional 28HP 54 ″ Garden Tractor and the Craftsman Speaker 28985 Professional Premium 54 ″ 30 HP, except that it is not as powerful as either. The 26 horsepower engine that drives it is a Vic model in V that uses a fully pressurized lubrication system to prevent the top engine from grabbing. The engine uses a paper air filter to purify the admission before the combustion chamber enters. The total engine displacement is 0. 725 liters. The engine is from the Pro Courage line of Briggs and Stratton. Fortunately, this 5 4-inch and 26 hp Craftsman cutter uses a pedal hydrostatic transmission to take the power of the engine to the wheels, which provides infinite speeds going forward and infinite speeds also when it goes back.

The Craftsman 54 ″ 26 HP Speaker is often called the Craftsman 28861. The 5 4-inch mapping cover that comes with this model as standard houses 3 blades. The cover is made of 12 caliber steel and inside 3 small cutting blades are housed. The cutting platform is adjusted up and down in steps of 0. 25 inches. The cover fits quite easily used an assisted spring lever.

The fuel tank in the Craftsman 28861 has a capacity to sustain up to (4 gallons of the U. S.) of gasoline that means that you can continue to function for extended periods without needing to reproduce it. No matter what your height, you will find the operation of this Craftsman lawn tractor quite easy thanks to the high support seat with support that is highly adjustable. The maximum speed of this 54 inches Tractor Craftsman’s Cortorésped is a very impressive 12. 1 kph (7. 5 mph). This cutter comes with a 3-year limited guarantee to those who buy it for the first time. Probably the best thing about this corteped is that it has a minimum incredibly small turning radius of just 8 inches thanks to it is a tight technology.

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