Craftsman 13AN77SS299 17


Tractor & Lawn Mower Review

The garden tractor of the garden of 17. 5 HP 42 inches of Craftsman 13An77ss299 is not the largest top of the tractor of individuals in Craftsman. Get its energy from a Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine. This 0. 5 liter engine is cooling by air and uses a dual air filter to stop any powder or other particulated matter to get in the combustion chamber. The unique cylinder uses a cast iron shirt and the engine uses a splash lubrication system to keep the work parts gently moving without excessive wear. The operator controls the engine power by transferring it to the wheels through a transmission with gear change. This transmission provides at the 13An 77ss299 7 speeds running forward and only one in reverse.

The rear wheels in the Craftsman 13An77SS299 tractor cutter, which drive it forward 20 × 8 (2 0-inch diameter, 8-inch width), while the front wheels, which run each one measure 15 × 6 (diameter15 inches, 6-inch width). All tires have a square thread that easily grabs the grass and, at the same time, it is unlikely to tear it. The engine also operates the 4 2-inch platform of this garden tractor. The platform has 2 blades that work between a 4-inch high on the earth and a low of 1. 5 inches on the earth. The cutting platform rises and is lowered by means of a sprin g-assisted manual lever.

Do not forget that during the winter you can optionally unite a snow blower or even a front sheet to the 4 2-inch Craftsman 13An77ss299 17. 5 hp so that you can clean your snow road. If this 42 lawn cutter of the inch is not quite large for your needs then you may be interested in something that is more reaching and you have a larger platform of the cut such as the professional grass cutter of the inch 24 HP ofCraftsman 28672 42 or the grass cutter of the Craftsman Garden 13Al78ST299.

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