Bad Boy CZT60


The Zero Bad Boy Czt60 Giro Bort Speech is the largest of the three models of the ZT Shopping Shopping Bad Bad Bad Bades. The two smaller models of this range are the BAD Boy CZT42 and the BAD Boy CZT50. The cutting width of the ZT 60 Commercial is 60 inches. The cut width is achieved with three 20. 5-inch blades long. The blades are made of 1/4 inch steel thickness that has been thermally treated so that they remain sharp for a longer time. The blades are activated by Correa. The cutting platform has a minimum operation of 1. 5 inches above the ground, but can be raised up to 5 inches when you are cope with thicker grass, longer.

There are several options to collect the grass cuts from the BAD Boy CZT60 platform. The first and easiest to do is simply let the grass cuts download from the side of the platform. If you do not like the grass rotting on the grass, you can use a crusher, which converts the grass cuts into a nutritious mulch that rots quickly. The last option is to use a doubl e-bag rear accessory on the CZT 60 spectacle to collect the grass cuts and discard them away from their garden. This is the cleanest option for your grass.

It can be chosen between a 27 hp KOHLER KOHLER engine or an avan t-garde engine of 23 hp for the commercial spi n-zero Bad Boy Czt60. The engine power reaches the rear wheels through a dual hydrostatic transmission. This allows the operator to reach a maximum speed of 16. 1 km/h (10 mph) while controlling the machine with the front bars.

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