Ariens AMP Rider


The Ariens Amp Rider speck is a very interesting piece of machinery. This interest is due to the fact that, unlike virtually all other spectaches that work with a gasoline or diesel engine, the AMP Rider works with drums! The battery system that feeds the corteped consists of 5 packages of 48 V lead-acid batteries regulated by valve (VRLA). Each of these battery packages is made up of 4 individual batteries of 12V Absorption Glass Mat (AGM). When they are completely loaded, the battery system provides the machine to 75 minutes of continuous cutting time. The batteries are also designed to last at least 200 loads.

The battery system feeds the 3 engines without brooms of the Ariens Amp Rider. There are two 1. 7 hp engines and a 4 hp engine. These engines have a 2-year warranty. The power is transferred to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that means that there is no change of march, you just have to step on the pedal to go faster or release it to go slower. Because this is an electric corteped, acceleration is incredibly fast. The AMP Rider comes with a 5-amps loader that can completely recharge this cutter in 16 hours. However, if you are not satisfied with this long recharge, you can opt for an optional 20 amps charger that will load the battery in just 5 hours.

The Ariens Amp Rider battery cutter platform has a 3 4-inch cut width and consists of 2 blades. The cutting platform can be adjusted from a height of 4. 5 inches above the ground to only 1. 5 inches above it. The minimum rotation radius for the AMP Rider is only 16. 5 inches. With all this machine is very interesting, but if you have a huge amount of grass to be cut, then you should consider instead of a regular cut in cutcase. The gasoline cutter similar to this includes the Ariens Lawn Tractor 42 and the Ariens Lawn Tractor 46.

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