Toro Z Master Z528


The Toro Z Master Z528 Zero Turn Mower, when purchased new comes with a choice of 2 different size cutting decks. The smaller deck has a 52-inch width of cut, while the larger deck has a 60-inch width of cut. Both decks have 3 blades, each made from 1/4″ thick metal that has been heat treated so the edges stay sharp longer. The blades are housed within a 7-gauge steel shroud. The deck depth of the Z 528 Z-Master is quite tall at 5. 5 inches, allowing it to easily accommodate even very long grass without choking. The platform height can be adjusted in a 3. 5-inch range from a minimum of 1. 5 inches above the ground to 5 inches above the ground.

On the front edge of the cutting deck on the Toro Z Master Z528, you’ll notice a series of small plastic wheels. These prevent the deck from “scalping” the ground as it travels over it. To deal with grass clippings, many people simply dump it out the side of the deck. However, this can make your lawn dirty, especially a long one, as it will take several weeks for it to rot. The alternative is to install a “Recycler” mulch kit to turn clippings into nutritious mulch. The last option is to collect the grass clippings in a rear bagger.

The engine that powers the Toro Z Master Z528 zero-turn mower is a Kawasaki two-cylinder. If you have ever owned or used a Z Master Z528 lawn mower, please leave a comment about it below. Other models in the Z Master range are the Toro Z Master Z420 and the Toro Z Master Z380.

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