Kubota B6100


The Kubota B6100 compact utility tractor had a very decent 6-year race in the assembly lines from 1978 to 1984, when the production ended. During this time, production was divided into 2 different variations; The Kubota B6100D that has a 4WD chassis and the Kubota B6100E is the other variation that is built with a 2WD chassis. Apart from the chassis, there is little difference between the 2 variants. Both tractors are propelled by a Diesel D650-A engine manufactured by Kubota. This engine has natural aspiration and 3 combustion cameras. The total motor size is 0. 7 liters. It is refrigerated by liquid by means of a water cooling system that has a capacity of 4. 6 liters. The Kubota B6100 oil crankcase to keep the engine correctly lubricated is 3. 9 liters. The engine starts with a 12 volt battery. The total power of D650-A is 14 hp.

The engine power reaches the wheels using a selection of 2 transmission boxes. The first is a hydrostatic transmission that provides the tractor of infinite speeds both forward and back, which means that there is no need for a change lever (this is especially practical if you use the machine in small and narrow spaces, where you need to constantly changespeed and moving forward backwards). The other option is a no n-synchronized transmission system that provides the Kubota B6100 6 marches compact tractor when it moves forward and 2 marches when it goes back. This transmission box needs 11. 5 liters of oil to fill it completely. The maximum speed of Kubota B6100 is 13. 8 km/h.

The Kubota B6100 tractor uses a 3-point category 1 hitch that allows you to use many implements either on a farm, in a garden or anywhere else. The 2WD B6100 has a height of 1. 14 m (44. 9 inches) and a width of 0. 92 m (36. 6 inches), while its wheelbase is 1. 24 m (48. 9 inches)and measures 1. 94 m (76. 6 inches) long. The B6100 4×4 measures 0. 97 m wide and 1. 13 m high. It also measures 1. 94 m (76. 6 inches) long and has a wheelbase of 1. 25 m (49. 1 inches).

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