Toro XL320


The Toro XL320 Garden Cortor Tractor uses a Briggs and Stratton engine to operate the top and wheels platform. The engine has valves in butts and uses a pressurized lubrication system to keep it working without problems and without too much wear in mobile parts. The engine is not overheats thanks to an air cooling system. The total engine displacement is 0. 3 liters. The XL 320 uses a transmission of changes to bring the power of the engine to the wheels. This transmission provides the 5t h-speed 5 speeds to the corteped and one backward.

One of the advantages of the XL320 bull is that it is much more than a corteped. During winter you can get a front blade or even a double stage snow blower to clean the snow of your entrance. There is also a range of other accessories of the utility cars to the Baggers that can be joined to it. The platform of the cut that comes with the XL320 is a Reycler model that crushes the grass cuts or a normal platform that downloads the cuts on the side. Both shortencies have a cutting width of 32 ″. However, if the discharge lid is connected, the total width of the cutting platform is 37. 5 inches.

As Toro is a wel l-known quality brand, as well as being very confident that comes with a 2-year guarantee for the entire cutcase. The total weight of this lawn tractor is 192 kg (425 pounds). It has a total length of 1. 68 m (66. 5 inches) and a wheelbase of 1. 19 m (47 inches). The rear wheels of the corteped are not especially large, each measures 16 × 6. 5 (16 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches of width), while the front wheels in charge of directing the top measure 13 × 5 (13 inches ofdiameter, 5 inches of width). Slightly more powerful models than this one of the XL series are the XL380 bull and the XL380H bull.

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