Toro TimeCutter Z5060


The Toro TimeCutter Z5060 zero-turn mower is equipped with a 2-cylinder Courage engine made by Kohler. This gasoline engine uses a full-pressure lubrication system to prevent moving parts from wearing out too quickly. The air intake passes through an air filter that removes dust and other particles before entering the combustion chambers. This engine is fed with gasoline from a tank that can hold up to 11. 4 liters of gasoline. Zero turn mowers similar to the Z5060 in the TimeCutter range include the Toro TimeCutter SS4360 and the Toro TimeCutter SS5000.

The Toro TimeCutter Z5060 obviously does not have a flywheel since it is a zero-turn mower. Instead it has 2 return bars that are placed in front of the operator. Each bar controls how much power each rear wheel receives thanks to a dual hydrostatic drive which means one rear wheel can move forward while the other goes in reverse, allowing the Time Cutter Z 5060 to make zero radius turns. The dual hydrostatic transmission gives the mower a top speed of 7 mph (11. 3 kph) in forward and 3. 4 mph (5. 5 kph) in reverse.

The cutting deck on the Toro TimeCutter Z5060 has a 50-inch cutting width and discharges clippings out the side of the cutting deck. The platform can be raised and lowered from a height of 1. 5 inches above the ground to 4. 5 inches above the ground. The Time Cutter Z5060 mower has the option of a dual rear bag attachment which will leave your lawn looking much neater than simply dumping your clippings over the top. The mower comes with a 3-year limited warranty to people who buy it brand new. Click here to purchase the Toro TimeCutter Z5060.

3 Reviews of the Toro TimeCutter Z5060

I read bad reviews about the engine. But I decided that most people who say a product didn’t live up to their expectations think little fairies brush their teeth and wipe their asses. The truth is that Toro does a solid zero turn the engine is made by Kohler and they are a front runner on engines always have been. a 2000 hour engine is an average 4 hours a week for 30 years of mowing season at my house saying mow 16. 6 times a year with a $3000 price tag. belts blades and tires maybeevery 5 years. thanks Toro for my summers back. Owner PS. and common sense = $ Saved

Good mower for the price

Very positive, I’ve had it about 3 weeks now, so this review is not based on first time shine, nor is it based on long term reliability. My previous mower was a JD 48″ tractor with a Kohler engine.

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