Snow Joe SJ906 Snow Blower


The Snow Joe SJ906 snow blower is powered by a Snow Joe Power, 4-stroke, OHV engine. This engine is 0. 21 liters in size and is air cooled. The engine provides this dual stage snowblower with 11 foot-pounds of torque. The snow thrower’s fuel tank can hold up to 1. 9 liters of gasoline. The SJ906 is a 26-inch snow thrower and is therefore larger than the Snow Joe SJ905 and Snow Joe SJ622. To start the SJ906 you have 2 options: the first is by plugging it into the mains and pressing the 120 volt electric start button. The other option requires a bit of muscle. It is a cable recoil start system. The engine uses automatic decompression for easier starting.

As mentioned above, the Snow Joe SJ906 dual stage snow thrower’s clearance width is 0. 66 m (26 inches), while the intake height is 0. 53 m (21 inches). This allows the machine to clear up to 907. 2 kg (2000lbs) of snow every minute when operating at full capacity. Snow enters the SJ906 first and is broken up by the toothed steel auger. In addition to initially breaking up the snow, the auger channels it toward the center of the machine, where the impeller is located. The drive further breaks up the snow while simultaneously shooting it up to 30 ft (9. 1 m) away from the clearing area.

The Snow Joe SJ906 2-Stage Snow Thrower weighs 190 lbs. (86. 2 kg), which is reasonably light for a snow thrower with a 26 in. (0. 66 m) clearing width. The gearbox through which power is transferred provides the SJ906 with 6 speeds when moving forward and 2 gears when in reverse. This snow thrower comes with a 2-year warranty when purchased for personal residential use.

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