John Deere 2500E E-Cut Hybrid


The John Deere 2500E E-Cut Hybrid Ride On Golf Green spectacés comes with a selection of 2 engines, as well as the John Deere 2500b Precision Cut, a gasoline kawasaki or a Yanmar Diesel kawasaki. The gasoline kawasaki is slightly more powerful, with 19. 9 hp. It is a 2-cylinder and 0. 585 liters engine that has a fully pressurized lubrication system that can contain up to 1. 7 liters of oil. The Yanmar Diesel engine has a displacement of 0. 784 liters and is 3 cylinders. This engine also has a pressure lubrication system. Both engines are refrigerated by liquid. Both engines also use a doubl e-stage and dr y-type air filter to avoid particle entry into combustion cameras.

The width of the mowing position of the John Deere 2500E e-cut hybrid is 62 inches. Instead of blades, such as the ones you will find in most normal hosts, the JD 2500E has a 5-inch diameter cutter (or cylinder) mill. In this reel it has 7 or 11 blades. In total there are 3 cut units, each is 22 inches wide and make up the total of 62 inches of cutting width. The 2 exterior cut units are set in front of the central unit. Depending on the front roller you use, the cutting height can be lowered up to 2 mm above the ground and up to 32 mm above the ground.

The speed of the John Deere 2500E E-Cut Hybrid is controlled by a right pedal. Fortunately, you will also find a digital hour accountant at the JD 2500E Golf Green Speaker so that you can accurately calculate when it is the next time you should take it to the technical service. The total weight of the machine is very high, 637. 3 kg. The minimum rotation radius of the cutter is 18 inches.

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