Poulan Pro PB30


The Pulan Pro PB30 driver’s host is a rear motor host. This makes it very different from the corteped tractors that Poula manufactures such as the Poulan PO19542LT and the Poulan PO12530lt. The PB 30 is practically the smallest cutter that can be acquired. The variable speed, Briggs and the Stratton engine that operates it has only an exit of just 11. 5 horsepower. This engine operates both the cuttin g-class platform and the wheels. Interestingly, the wheels of this machine are not even so large. The rear wheels are only 16 inches in diameter, while the front wheels measure 13 inches in diameter.

The Pulan Pro PB30 cutter platform has a 3 0-inch cut width (which is very obvious by the name). Unlike virtually all hosts with driver and tractors that have cutting platforms with multiple blades, the PB 30 cut platform has only one blade. The total width of the cutting platform is a little greater than 30 inches, since the plastic discharge channel is located on the side of the cutting platform.

As there is no differential blockade in the Poulan Pro PB30, it has a very large minimum rotation radius of 30 inches, which means that it is not so agile in narrow places, unfortunately. However, it is very light, with a shipping weight of only 167. 8 kg (370 pounds). The front axle of the PB 30 is made of stamped steel, which makes it very durable and allows you to withstand the majority of the blows during its operation. Please, feel free to leave your thoughts on this walk on the spectacle in a comment below so that others know what you think of it, if you like or hate it. Click here to buy the Poulan Pro PB30.

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