McCulloch M13597


The McCulloch M13597 Garden Cortor Tractor is very similar to 3 other models, one of which is the McCulloch M13597H, which is identical, but has hydrostatic transmission. There is also the McCulloch M13597RB and the McCulloch M13597HRB. Both have the same engine, but they come standard with rear tiders to collect the cut grass. The M13597 has a Briggs and Stratton Powerbuilt engine. It is a 1 cylinder engine that produces 13. 5 hp. The engine obtains the fuel from a tank that can contain up to 4. 7 liters of gasoline.

This Briggs and Stratton engine activates the McCulloch M13597 Specker platform. This platform has a cutting width of 0. 97 m (38 inches). The total width of the Platform of the Corteped is actually 1. 13 m (44. 5 inches), which is mainly due to the plastic discharge protective fin that stands out from the side of the platform. The blades are activated by Correa and manually. They have a cutting height that ranges between 1. 5 and 4 inches above the ground. The blades rise and fall in increases of 0. 5 inches. You can optionally buy a rear burn or a mulching cap for the M13597.

The McCulloch M13597 has quite large rear wheels that drive it forward. Each of them measures 18 × 8. 5-8 (18 inches in diameter, 8. 5 inches of width, 8 inches in tire diameter). The engine power reaches the rear wheels through a change transmission that provides the M13597 seven speeds (6 forward and 1 for reverse). The front wheels direct the host. They measure 15 × 6-6 (15 inches in diameter, 6 inches of width and 6 inches in tire diameter). The total weight of the machine is 180 kg. One of the security features of this cortesped is the seat; At the time the operator leaves the seat, the engine goes out. You can also get a chipped blade or a moss rake.

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