Ariens Power Brush 28


The Ariens Power Brush 28 is a 28-inch (0. 71 m) motorized brush used to clean everything from snow to leaves, paths and driveways. The machine is powered by a 0. 17 liter Subaru EX17 gasoline engine. What’s really nice about this machine is that you can choose to boot it. You can use the traditional recoil, pull the rope to startit. Or if you’re a bit lazy, you can plug it into the mains and start it by pressing a start button. The total capacity of the fuel tank of this Ariens snow blower is 2. 74 liters of gasoline, which allows you to use it for quite a long time without the need to refuel.

Thanks to its Disc-O-Matic transmission, the Ariens electric toothbrush has a total of 6 gears when moving forward, while it only has 2 gears when in reverse. The Ariens 28″ Power Planer uses 4-inch wide tires that have a 13-inch diameter that offer fantastic traction when you’re moving forward or backward, even on slippery and icy surfaces.

The overall length of the Ariens Power Brush 28 is 1. 65 m (65 inches), while its overall width is 0. 86 m (34 inches). The Ariens 28″ electric toothbrush measures 44 inches (1. 12 m) from the floor to its highest point. Before being completely filled with fuel, the motorized brush tips the scales at 104. 2 kg (230 lbs), but obviously after the gasoline is added, its weight will increase. Although many people consider that this electric brush is only useful for cleaning leaves and snow, it also has many other very interesting uses. A dethatcher can be used to remove moss from people’s lawns. It is also ideal for removing dirt from paved surfaces.

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