Massey Ferguson 30 Farm Tractor


There are 2 similar types of Massey Ferguson 30 tractor. The first is the Massey Ferguson 30 agricultural tractor, which this article deals with. However, there is an industrial tractor Massey Ferguson 30 that can find here. The MF 30 agricultural tractor was only manufactured for a year, from 1963 to the cessation of production in 1964. This Massey Ferguson was not especially powerful. It was propelled by a Diesel Perkins A4. 107 4-cylinder engine. It has a cylinder of 1. 8 liters and a power of 30 horses. Use a liquid cooling system to avoid overheating. The engine relies on a 4 × 2wd chassis.

The transmission you will find in the Massey Ferguson 30 agricultural tractor provides 8 marches forward and 2 in reverse. The MF 30 fuel tank has capacity for 45. 4 liters (12 gallons) of diesel. The 3-points of the tractor hitch was very resistant when it went on the market, with a maximum elevation capacity of 1030 kg (2271 lbs).

The total weight of the Massey Ferguson 30 tractor is 1, 360 kg. It has a wheelbase of 1. 85 m (73. 2 inches) and a length of 2. 91 m (114. 6 inches). Unfortunately, the MF 30 agricultural tractor does not develop especially well in small spaces and has a minimum rotation radius of 6. 4 m (21 feet). Many people sometimes feel a little confusing when they begin to talk to them about the MF 30 tractor, so in the future, ask them to clarify if they refer to the MF 30 agricultural tractor, which this article is about, or the commercial/industrial tractor MF30.

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