Lawn Boy 10605


The Sel f-Propulated Skipping Boy 10605 is very similar to both the Lawn Boy 10604 and the Push Hot Buy Boy 10606. The three machines have the same cutting widths and the same engines. However, 10605 is actually quite unique, since it uses a blade stop system. It is a small innovation that stops the blade (but not the engine) if you decide to move away from the cutter to eliminate an obstacle or do something else. This is particularly useful if you use a borrower to collect the cuts since it means that you can remove the borrowing and empty it without having to restart the corteped every time.

The Lawn Boy 10605 is sel f-propelled using the rear wheels thanks to a Kohler engine that has a displacement of 0. 149 liters. This engine produces 6. 5 Ft LBS of Torque. This engine is starting by traction and uses a standard air filter to ensure that air entrance does not have impurities before entering the engine. The starting and setback mechanism is very easy and if it begins to give problems, Lawn Boy will fix it up to 3 years after the first purchase of the 10605 spectacle.

The Lawn Boy 10605 cutting platform has a 2 0-inch cut width. This platform is configured to download the grass cuts on the side if you want to cut the grass quickly. Alternatively, you can use the Bagger’s rear accessory to collect the grass cuts that will leave your lawn that seems much cleaner, but you can deny the foods of the grass cuts that are broken down. The third option is to crush the grass cuts, which is very easy because the blade is a triple cut model.

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