Kubota T1880


The Kubota T1880 cutter tractor is the least powerful of the 3 Kubota T series garden tractors. The other 2, the Kubota T2080 and the Kubota T2380 are considerably more powerful. The T 1880 engine is a GH540V. It is a monocylindrical engine with a total displacement of 0. 535 liters. The valve engine in cylinder head is refrigerated by air and produces 18 hp that boost both wheels and cutting platform. The engine starts with a 12 volt battery. Fortunately, the engine transfers power to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission, which means that there are no annoying gear changes.

The Kubota T1880 cutting has a 4 2-inch platform. This platform has 2 blades. The cutting platform works at a maximum height of 4 inches above the ground and a minimum height of 1 inch above the ground. The cutting height of the cutting platform is adjusted by a comparator clock. The total width of the T1880 with the 4 2-inch platform coupled is 54. 8 inches. This additional width is due to the discharge duct is located on the side of the cutting platform. The total weight of the machine with the coupled platform is 280 kg.

The Kubota T1880 can also accommodate a very large borrowing in the back, behind the driver. It consists of 2 removable bags, as well as a conduit that attaches to the cutting platform and directs the grass towards the bags. The T 1880 is a very good quality machine that is useful in any garden that is 0. 5 to 5 acres of size. If you currently have or have had this corteped in the past, please leave a comment below. Try to include as many details as possible so that people have a good idea in terms of whether or not to consider the purchase / use of one.

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