Kubota L4240


The Kubota L4240 tractor is one of the mediu m-sized models of the Kubota L40 range of compact utility tractors. It has an engine that produces 44 horsepower and 42 horsepower. It is a liquid-cooled E-TVCS engine. The L 4240 engine is diesel and feeds on a deposit that can contain up to 50 liters of diesel. The engine provides up to 36. 5 hp to the TDF. It is atmospheric and has a nominal regime of 2700 rpm. The total size of this 4-cylinder engine is 2, 197 liters. To start the engine, just turn the contact key and the 1 2-volt battery will provide 582 cold starting amps to the engine.

The Kubota L4240 has the option of 3 different gearboxes when you are buying for the first time. The most convenient transmission is the HST Plus that provides the L4240 infinite speeds in 3 different ranges. This gearbox provides the tractor for a maximum speed of 25. 8 km/h. Another option is the GST gearbox, which provides the tractor for 12 progress and 8 reverse speeds. This gearbox provides the compact utility tractor for a maximum speed of 27 km/h when moving forward. The last gearbox option is the FST, which provides 8 speeds forward and 8 backward.

The Kubota L4240 compact utility tractor is ideal in areas where larger and less mobile tractors would have problems. It measures just over 3 m long, with 3. 09 m (121. 5 inches). Its wheelbase is 1. 9 m (74. 8 inches) and its width is 1. 69 m (66. 5 inches), which makes the L4240 very stable. Add the fact that it has a hydrostatic assisted direction and will have a comfortable machine to use even on the most difficult lands. It also has a hitch of 3 points of category 1 in the rear of the tractor, which means that it can easily attach a wide range of different implements.

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