Kubota B2920


The Kubota B2920 compact utractor tractor is one of the largest compact B series machines. If what you are looking for is something smaller, then you may be interested in taking a look at the Kubota B2630 or Kubota B2320. The engine that drives the B2920 is a D1305 Kubota fed by diesel. This 3-cylinder engine has a total size of 1, 261 liters. The engine is refrigerated by liquid using a pressurized radiator to avoid overheating and a pressurized forced lubrication system. Air admission is filtered through a double element air filter that eliminates particles that have the potential to obstruct combustion chambers.

The transmission of the Kubota B2920 tractor is HST hydrostatic with infinite speeds and 3 ranges (high, medium and low). Use a dry cave clutch to change between 3 ranges. B 2920 can quickly slow down by a wet disk braking system. The weight of the tractor without implements is 705 kg. Its wheelbase is 1. 56 m and has a total length of 2. 42 m. The tractor is quite agile in small spaces. It has a minimum turn radius of 2. 1 m when the brakes are used.

The Kubota B2920 also has a rear hitch. It is a hitch of 3 points of category 1 that has a rear elevation capacity of 615 kg. Although the B-2920 is a small tractor, it can accommodate a wide variety of implements. You can use it in winter to clean the snow coupling a 50 or 5 1-inch snow blower. Or if you wish, you can attach a 6 0-inch front blade to clean debris. There is also a front bruise front (47 inches wide or 56. 5 inches wide) that can be joined to sweep and clean roads and other surfaces.

3 Reviews of the Kubota B2920

This has been a great tractor to have and use. The front loader has been very useful and I have used it a lot. I have the 48 ″ Landpride host and the tractor is able to make it work without any effort. When the spoon is very loaded and the rear tires skate, I put the double traction and the tractor does everything I ask. Sometimes it is a bit too big for what I need and sometimes it is a bit too small for what I need, but in general it is just what I need for my purposes.

I love the Kubota. They have always exceeded my expectations and that is so difficult to find in anything you buy today.

I will never buy another Kubota – these machines have a serious design defect in which the cooling system is totally inappropriate and Kubota does not guarantee overheating problems when its cooling system is guilty.

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