John Deere X340


The John Deere X340 has the largest platform of the JD X300 series of Cortacéspedes. It measures 54 inches, so it is bigger than the John Deere X360 and the John Deere X324. The JD X340 is operated by a kawasaki, gasoline engine. It is the FH721V model and is a 2 cylinders. The engine size comes inside 0. 7 liters and is capable of producing 25 horsepower. Use a 1 2-volt starter mechanism and its battery is loaded by an alternator of 15 amps.

The John Deere X340 is manufactured at the JD facilities in Horicon, Wisconsin. The JD X340 gasoline deposit capacity is 13. 2 liters. This is sufficient to allow this shortage of many hours of continuous operation without being filled. You can buy an optional “cabin” of the vinyl to protect the operator against the elements, but as you can obviously imagine, a vinyl cabin is not almost as good as having a solid. So if you are operating this machine during winter in very cold areas, you can find that you will cool quite quickly.

Without accessories, John Deere X340 weighs only 249 kg. However, with fuel and the coupled cut platform, the balance is inclined towards 319 kg (704 lbs). The length of the JD X340 is 1. 83 m, while its maximum width is 1. 72 m with the trainer coupled. When the host is not connected, its width is only 0. 98 m (38. 5 inches). What many people like this cortesped is the fact that it has a fairly small turn radius of only 16 inches, which makes it ideal for small gardens with many small places and difficult to access.

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