John Deere LX172


The John Deere LX172 lawn mower is powered by a Kawasaki FC420V 1-cylinder engine. This gasoline engine is naturally aspirated and has a displacement of 0. 422 liters. It is air-cooled and uses a dry, foam-type air filter to purify the inlet air of particles. The engine oil level should be maintained at 1. 6 liters. Interestingly, the JD LX172 is almost exactly identical to the John Deere LX176. The only difference between the 2 is the transmission. While the JD LX176 uses a hydrostatic transmission which makes it automatic, the LX172’s transmission gives you 5 different speeds for forward and one for reverse. Its top speed is 8. 4 km/h.

The John Deere LX172 had a long production run from 1990 until the last one rolled off the assembly line 7 years later in 1997. The JD LX172’s fuel tank can hold up to 9. 5 liters of gasoline. There are a number of different mower decks that are compatible with this John Deere mower. The smallest of which is a 38 inch (width of cut) mowing deck. The next largest is a 44-inch (width-of-cut) mower deck. The largest is a 48-inch (width of cut) mower deck. Keep in mind that the overall width of each mower deck is about 10 inches wider than the actual width of the cut due to the discharge flap coming out of the side.

The John Deere LX172 mower is also compatible with other useful tools. Most notable is either a 38-inch snow blower or a 42-inch snow blower that can be attached to the front of the machine. Don’t forget there’s also an optional bagger attachment for the rear of the JD LX172 to collect grass clippings.

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