John Deere L111


Little known for many, the John Deere L111 is a tractor that seems to have gone unnoticed by the enthusiasts of the spectats. This is partly due to the fact that it was only manufactured for a year, in 2005. It was assembled at the Horicon facilities in Wisconsin. Its Briggs and Stratton Bicilindric engine in V gasoline V is a 2-cylinder, 0. 7 liter, natural aspiration and air cooling that has a power of 20 hp. This power is transferred to its 4 × 2 2wd chassis through a Torf Torq 40 Turf, a hydrostatic transmission that gives it an unlimited number of marches forward and backward. Its maximum forward speed is 8 km/h. All these statistics make the JD L111 not protrude at all and actually seems very similar to many other John Deere hosts that was producing at this time, another reason why it has not received much attention.

One of the great points in favor of the John Deere L111 Speaker Tractor is the fact that it is relatively light for a 20 hp machine. It only weighs 209 kg (462 lbs). It measures 1. 75 m long, while its width (without taking into account the wheelbase or width of the cutting platform) is 0. 91 m (36 inches). The capacity of the gas tank is 7. 9 liters, which provides an autonomy between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the length (and humidity) of the grass that is cutting and the degree of drowning.

The John Deere L111 also has a 16 amps alternator that carries the 12 V battery to feed all the instruments. One of the big things about JD L 111 is that you have cruise control as standard so if you find that you have to cut a large, boring area of the grass, you can turn it on. The L111 has 7 different heights of cutting platform so that you can obtain the cutting height you want.

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