John Deere JS45


The John Deere JS45 self-propelled lawn mower is the largest of the 3 models in this series. The 2 smaller models are the John Deere JS35 and the John Deere JS25. While the JD JS45 uses the exact same engine as the other 2, a 4-stroke, Briggs and Stratton, it actually produces a lot more power at 8. 75 foot-pounds. The motor drives both the wheels and the blade.

A host of safety features enhance the John Deere JS45. To start it, it is necessary to be located behind the handlebars when the recoil system is pulled, helping to avoid many mishaps. Unfortunately on the JD JS45, there is no key-operated electric starter. You will also notice that the moment you let go of the main grip, the motor shuts off and the blades lock into place. This is fantastic as it greatly reduces the risk of accidents during operation.

The front wheels of the John Deere JS45 also differ from those of other models in the series. They are individually adjustable, but most importantly they allow the JD JS45 to have a zero turn radius, making it incredibly agile in virtually any yard. The mower deck is the same as the other models and has a 21-inch width of cut. Once the grass is cut, the operator can choose what to do with the clippings. He may choose to shred them back into the ground to help feed the grass. Or you can send them flying off the side of the mower. However, most people prefer to collect grass clippings at the rear of the mower with a bagger.

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