John Deere GT225


The John Deere GT225 enjoyed a 4-year production run, from 1999 when JD began manufacturing it, until production ceased in 2003. All production took place at JD’s Horicon, Wisconsin plant. The larger models in the GT series include the John Deere GT235 mower and the John Deere GT245. The JD GT225 gets all its power from a Kohler 1-cylinder overhead-valve engine. This Kohler CV15S is naturally aspirated and air cooled. The engine gives this John Deere mower 16 HP of power to do more than just mowing the lawn.

Like virtually all John Deere mowers built during the 1990s and later, the John Deere GT225 uses a hydrostatic transmission to drive the wheels using JD’s trademark Twin Touch pedal technology. These pedals mean there is no gear change, not even between forward and reverse. Instead you have a forward pedal and a reverse pedal, that’s it! The transmission needs over a gallon of transmission fluid to function effectively (4. 4 liters to be exact).

The frame on which the John Deere GT225 is built is an all-welded 4X2 2WD chassis. The JD GT225 weighs in at a reasonable 252 kg (557 lbs) while being quite long for a JD mower at 1. 82 m (72 inches). There are a number of mower decks that it is compatible with, a 38 inch mower deck as well as 42 and 38 inch mower decks. You’ll also be glad to know that this mower is more than just a “mower.”This is thanks to a wide range of accessories available from JD, such as snow blowers, snow blades, front blades, rotary tillers, front brushcutters, as well as many other useful tools that can be attached to the rear of the machine, youYou will find this incredibly versatile machine on your property.

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