John Deere 2010


The John Deere 2010 is not a tractor built specifically for the twenties ten. It is actually a very ancient agricultural model that was produced by John Deere for 5 years, from 1960 to 1965. Long before you had considered adding an antivuelque bar to your tractor, the JD 2010 was a popular agricultural tractor used by many. He had the option of being driven by one of the three different engines, a model of gasoline, diesel or LP gas. Each was a 4-cylinder engine, LP gasoline and gas models were 2. 4 liters, while the diesel was slightly larger with 2. 7 liters. The engine provided just under 47 hp when TDF was tested.

The fuel tank had a capacity of 16 American gallons while the hydraulic system took 8 American hydraulic fluid gallons. The John Deere 2010 was a rather stable tractor with a wheelbase of 87 inches (or 2. 2 m for those in Europe) and a length of 140 inches (or 3. 54 m for those in Europe) andIt weighed 6, 392 pounds (or 2, 899 kg for those in Europe) when it was completely operational. The 2010 JD has 8 marches forward, but only 3 back.

Like many of his most popular models in recent years, John Deere also manufactured a version about caterpillars/dozer, called John Deere 2010c. Like the other John Deere chain tractors that produced at that time, the entire vehicle was painted yellow instead of the usual green and yellow. The 2010C JD also weighed much more than its twin. Its weight was 9, 645 pounds (or 4, 375 kg in Europe). The John Deere 2010 was replaced by the John Deere 2020.

However, the JD 2010 was a fantastic tractor in its day and remains highly appreciated among tractor enthusiasts, especially if you can find one that has been well taken care of. The original did not come with an antivuelco bar, so as with many ancient and classic tractors you will find an antivuelco bar has been added by a previous owner.

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