John Deere 8310RT


The John Deere 8310RT is very similar to the John Deere 8310R in almost all aspects, except for the obvious fact that JD 8310RT has caterpillars instead of tractor wheels. Both use the same engine, a JD POWERTECH PSX that provides the tractor 310 hp. The engine operates the caterpillars through an automatic Powershift of JD gearbox that provides the 16 marches forward and 4 for reverse. The other transmission option is an infinitely variable transmission that provides the tractor of infinite speeds both forward and back.

The maximum speed of John Deere 8310RT is 41. 8 km/h (26 mph). However, it is very heavy, since it weighs 10, 750 kg. Obviously, this weight will greatly increase depending on the amount of ballast that is added to the tractor. Probably, the best thing about this tractor is that it has a zero rotation radius. The wheelbase is 2. 26 m (89 inches). There are a range of caterpillars of different sizes for this tractor, ranging from 16 inches wide to 30 inches.

The back hitch of the John Deere 8310RT is a 4N/3 hitch. It has a maximum safe lifting capacity of 8754 kg (19, 300 lbs). If you are looking for a large tractor of the JD 8RT series that is larger than the JD 8310RT, the John Deere 8335RT or John Deere 8360RT tractors may be interested. The caterpillars instead of tires have advantages and disadvantages. One of the best advantages of caterpillars is that they offer a greater flotation on the ground on which they operate, while tractors tires tend to stick on the floor on which they circulate.

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