John Deere 827E Snowblower


The John Deere 827E 27-inch Snow Blower is powered by a Snow Series engine designed and built by Briggs & Stratton that provides it with an auger of 11. 5 foot-pounds of gross torque power. This dual stage snowthrower is similar to its smaller single stage brother, the John Deere 726E Snowthrower in that it has a 110V push button electric starter, allowing you to get the JD 827E going without much effort. in all in you part.

The fuel tank capacity of the John Deere 827E snow blower is 3 quarts of gasoline. It also comes with dual halogen lights that make operation during the early morning or evening much easier as you can see exactly what you are doing. The 0. 25 liter engine transfers its power to the auger via a friction disc transmission which gives it 6 gears when traveling forward and 2 gears in reverse. The baffle can be easily removed if necessary, simply by unscrewing it. The deflector itself has the flexibility to rotate 190 degrees and must be manually operated.

The John Deere 827E Snow Thrower comes standard with X Trac tires. They have a 16-inch diameter and are 4. 8-inches wide to help make sure the machine (almost always) stays glued to the ground. Most users will also appreciate the fact that this 27-inch-wide snow thrower comes with a quality muffler that keeps operating noise to a minimum. If you find that this snow blower isn’t big enough for your needs, you can always go for a bigger one, like the John Deere 1028E Snow Blower.

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