John Deere 720


The John Deere 720 tractor is part of a large series that has long since been discontinued (in fact, production ceased more than 50 years ago, in 1958). Other models in the series include the larger John Deere 820, as well as the smaller John Deere 320 and John Deere 420 tractor models. There are 3 versions of the JD 720: a standard version, a row crop model and afor crops in height.

In total there are 4 different engine options on the John Deere 720 tractor. These are a gasoline, LP gas, all fuel and diesel engine. The gasoline, LP gas and all fuel engines have a total displacement of 5. 9 liters, while the diesel model has a displacement of 6. 2 liters. All engines are naturally aspirated, twin-cylinder and use a liquid cooling system to prevent engine overheating. All engines are key start. Power from the engine is transferred to the rear wheels of the JD 720 via a non-synchronized gearbox. This provides the tractor with 6 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed. Its maximum forward speed is 18. 2 km/h, while in reverse it is much slower and reaches 5. 4 km/h. The rear wheels, through which power is transferred, differ in size depending on the model. The standard model has wheels that measure 14-30 (14 inches wide, 30 inches in rim diameter), the rear tires on the tall crop model measure 13. 6-38 (13. 6 inches wide, 38 inches in diameter). rim) and the row crop tires measure 12-38 (12 inches wide, 38 inches rim diameter).

The front wheels of the John Deere 720 also have different sizes. The row crop model is 6-16 (6 inches wide, 16 inch rim diameter), the tall crop model is 7. 5-20 (7. 5 inches wide, 20 inch rim diameter), and the JD 720It has standard front wheels that measure 6. 5-18 (6. 5 inches wide, 18-inch rim diameter).

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