John Deere 59 Inch Snow Blower


The John Deere 59 Inch Snow Blower is compatible with only a small range of John Deere tractors, 4 to be precise. These are the John Deere 3005, John Deere 3320, John Deere 3520 and John Deere 3720 compact tractors. Unlike snow blowers like the John Deere SB11 or John Deere SB12, which are attached to the back of your tractor, the JD 59″ snow blower is attached to the front of your tractor.

59 inches is obviously very large for a snow blower and as such this one can handle large amounts of snow due to the fact that it is a dual stage snow thrower. It has a 16″ steel auger to initially break up the snow, but it also has a drive blade at the bottom of the deflector ramp to throw the snow away from the machine. Thanks to its hydraulic controls, the steel deflector can rotate up to 200 degrees, that is, 100 degrees in both directions from the center forward. This means the operator virtually never has to leave the tractor cab to adjust the John Deere 59-inch snow blower, except, of course, to engage and disengage it.

The John Deere 59″ snow blower is very adjustable. It comes with adjustable slider shoes as standard so you can change the height of the snow blower from the ground. This will help you prevent it from ever scraping your paths and driveways. The JD 59″ Snow Thrower also has drift blades to help you cut more efficiently in large, deep pockets of snow.

Unfortunately it does not have shear bolt protection for the impeller. Both augers have a shear bolt, but if a piece of ice, rock, wood, or anything else gets past the augers and jams the impeller it is cleverly designed to destroy the universal that drives the auger gearbox (a$200 piece) instead of a shear bolt ($2 piece).

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