John Deere 5045


The John Deere 5045 utractor tractor is the smallest in the 5000 JD series. There are actually 2 variants of JD 5045. One is the John Deere 5045d and the other is the John Deere 5045e. The only difference between these 2 machines is the hitch. One has a 3-point hitch in the 5D series while the other machine has a 3-point hitch in the 5E series. Apart from that they are completely the same machine with the same engine. The engine that drives 5045 is designed and built by JD themselves. It is a Powertech 3029 diesel engine, turbocharged. The engine has a 2. 9-liter displacement and a power of 45 hp. The engine does not overheat thanks to its liquid cooling system.

Among the similar but largest models of the John Deere 5045 are included the John Deere 5055d and John Deere 5055E utractor tractors. The power of the JD 5045E engine is transferred to the wheels through a Syncshutle hydrostatic transmission that provides the 9-speed tractor forward and 3 when it goes back. In the JD 5045d, the transmission is a Syncreverser that provides 8 speeds in advance and 4 in reverse. The hitch that comes with the JD 5045E has a maximum lifting capacity of 1447 kg (3192 lbs), while the hitch in the JD 5045d has a maximum elevation capacity that is a bit lower in 1274 kg (2810 lbs).

The John Deere 5045 utractor tractor comes with 2 RM and differential blocking, which provides better traction when traveling through irregular land. In addition to coming with complete frontal lighting, you will also be to know that this JD 5045 utility tractor also has a rear halogen work to illuminate the area in which it can be reversing. You will be happy to know that this machine comes with a hydrostatic assisted direction that makes it less stressful to operate it at high speeds.

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