John Deere 4955


The John Deere 4955 is considered the largest version of the John Deere 4755.

The production of this tractor began in 1988. All production was carried out in Waterloo, United States.

The engine was internally designed by John Deere’s equipment instead of using a Kohler or another brand engine. The tractor has a powerful 6-cylinder engine and 200 hp. With so much power, it was obvious that John Deere would make sure that the fuel capacity was also high. As expected, the fuel capacity is 386 liters. This characteristic was more than enough to tempt farmers who have large farmland. This was also the reason why many agriculture related companies opted for John Deere 4955. It had a refrigerant capacity of almost 32 liters and an oil capacity of 20. 8 liters.

The JD 4955 has 15 marches forward and 4 marches ago. It has a complete power change transmission.

The John Deere 4955 is quite heavy. It weighs no less than 18, 370 pounds. The wheelbase is also impressive with 117 inches.

The JD 4955 is equipped with a cargoer John Deere 840. The loading free space of the loader is 149 inches. The spoon width is close to 100 inches (96. 1 inches to be precise).

The model has a hydrostatic steering wheel of assisted power and hydraulic humid disc brake. It is also equipped with 2 batteries. The tractor is also known for its distance to the extra ordinary soil.

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