John Deere 4850


The Tractor John Deere 4850 is the largest machine of the JD 50 series of tractors. The smallest machines include tractors such as the John Deere 4250, the John Deere 4450 and the John Deere 4650. To make an idea of its size, it should be noted that the operational weight of the lightest version with double traction chassis is8, 491 kg, while the double traction version weighs much more. The wheels that support this weight are understandably large; The rear measure each 20. 8-38 (20. 8 inches wide, 38 inches in tire diameter), the front are 11-16 (11 inches wide, 16 inches in tire diameter). Double wheels are often seen on this machine.

The engine that drives the wheels is made at home by JD. This engine is a 6-cylinder model that has a total displacement of 7. 6 liters. The engine uses an intercover turbocharger. Its cooling system is quite large, with capacity for 30. 3 liters. The engine works with a compression ratio of 15: 1. The lubrication system has capacity for 19. 9 liters of oil. The engine has a dr y-type air filter that cleanses the air inlet of pollutants before the combustion chamber enters. The maximum declared power of the engine is 190 hp. This engine allows the John Deere 4850 to reach a maximum speed of 28. 9 km/h. The gearbox used to control speed is a JD Power Shift model. This provides 15 progress speeds and 4 reverse.

The John Deere 4850 appeared for the first time as a substitute for the Tractor John Deere 4840. The JD 4850 has a fuel tank with capacity for 386. 1 liters of diesel, which allows working for many days before having to fill it. The rear hitch of this tractor has a maximum safe lifting capacity of 4, 354 kg. If you have ever used or has owned this machine, be sure to leave a comment about it below.

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