John Deere 4005


The John Deere 4005 Compact Utility Tractor is one of the smaller machines in the 4000 Series of JD Tractors. It gets its power from a Yanmar 4TNV88 4-cylinder diesel engine. This engine is naturally aspirated and has a total volume of 2. 19 liters. The engine is effectively lubricated by a pressurized lubrication system that holds up to 5. 3 liters of oil. The engine is kept cool thanks to a liquid cooling system that can hold up to 5. 8 liters of water. Power from the engine to the wheels in the JD 4005 is first diverted through a partially-synchronized transmission with collar shift. This transmission system provides the JD 4005 with 9 gears for forward and 3 gears for reverse. The maximum speed of the tractor is 19. 1 km/h.

The 12-volt battery that starts the John Deere 4005 produces 650 cold cranking amps and is recharged by a 40-amp alternator. Thanks to the direct fuel injection system, the engine starts quite easily even in cold conditions. The Category 1 3-point hitch located at the rear of the JD 4005 is capable of supporting loads up to 916 kg (2020 lbs). The fuel tank of this machine has a maximum capacity of 32 liters of gasoline.

The John Deere 4005 has the option of locking the differential and four-wheel drive, which makes controlled driving even easier. There are a number of safety features built into the JD 4005. Probably the best, but most annoying, is the Operator Presence System (OPS), which shuts off the engine the moment you leave the driver’s seat. There is also a strong roll bar (ROPS) that helps protect the driver from falling off the tractor and being crushed in the event the tractor rolls over. Models similar to this are the John Deere 4105 and the John Deere 4120.

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