John Deere 332


The Jardin John Deere 332 garden tractors were manufactured by Deere and Company between 1987 and 1992. These tractors belong to the 300 400 series of John Deere tractors that occurred during the 80s and 90s. These tractors were produced in the Horicon factory of JohnDeere in Wisconsin. These tractors have the benefit of manual drive hydrostatic transmission together with cover hydraulic elevators. These tractors have been referred to as the diesel version of the 318 models due to their similarity with the John Deere 318 that had gasoline engine. The 332 model used an engine similar to that of the 330 tractors to which it replaced. But several new features were added, such as assisted direction, left-right brakes and the double hydraulic system. These tractors are operated by axis and consist of onan motors of 16 horsepower.

The John Deere 332 has double hydraulic reel that helps people in the use of the optional angle sheet and electric elevator. Open rear racks are present in these tractors. These machines are available with a rear force and hitch. These things create a new world of profits. The double brake pedals present in the tractors help you turn in a ten cents or in the arrest of a rotating tire in order to transfer the tires to the tires. The John Deere 332 has a 3-cylinder diesel engine. These tractors were generally available in the range of $ 2800 to $ 4000 when they were producing. However, the price of a secon d-hand JD 332 today will depend completely on its state. In this series there is also a John Deere loading shovel.

An overview of the tractor John Deere 332:

  • The diesel engine present in the tractor is manufactured by Yanmar and the model is 3TN66uj.
  • The engine is 3 cylinders.
  • Diameter / engine race is 2. 60 × 2. 62 inches.
  • The displacement is 43. 3 ci.
  • The engine power is 16 hp.
  • The John Deere 332 engine has a liquid cooling system.
  • The necessary amount of refrigerant is 2. 9 QTS.
  • The nominal regime of revolutions per minute (RPM) of the engine is 3635.
  • The engine oil capacity is 3. 1 QTS.
  • The fuel capacity of these tractors is 4. 5 gal.
  • The capacity of the hydraulic system of these models is 1. 25 gal.
  • The central force of the machine is electric.
  • The tractor chassis JD 332 is 4 × 2wd.
  • The tractor has hydrostatic assisted direction and differential mechanical brakes.
  • The weight of these tractors is around 900 pounds and the wheelbase is 46 inches.
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