John Deere 300


There are actually 2 John Deere 300 different. The first is the JD 300 spectacis, part of the 300s of Specker 300 series that John Deere introduced in 1975. The 300sped 300 had a production of only 2 years and JD stopped manufacturing them in 1977. It was designed to replace the 140 and then it was replacedby 316.

It had a 1 cylinder and 16 hp Kohler engine. The 300 had a capacity of 4. 5 gallons, so it was quite well prepared for long cut times without the need for fuel rest. Although its production was quite short (for a John Deere host), the 300 was designed quite versatile, since most of the accessories that could be used in the previous model, the 140, could also be installed in 300.

The other John Deere 300 is its industrial tractor, whose production lasted 8 years, from 1965 to 1973. The industrial tractor 300 came standard with a 3-cylinder gasoline or diesel engine, both with a power of 43 hp. Industrial tractor 300 was undoubtedly a compact tractor, with a weight of 1716 kg (3, 785 lb) for the gasoline model and 1739 kg (3, 835 lb) for the diesel model. It only measured 3. 17 m long and had a wheelbase of 1. 95 m.

People are often confused when talking about the John Deere 300, since both were manufactured and produced more or less at the same time, so it is important to make the distinction between the two when you are planning to buy a JD 300, andTo cut the grass with an industrial tractor will be quite difficult!

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