John Deere 1120


The John Deere 1120 tractor could be bought new for quite some time, a total of 9 years, from 1967 to 1975. The tractor uses a diesel engine that provides a power of 51 hp. The engine has a total displacement of 2. 7 liters. The JD 1120 came standard with 2 different gearboxes. The smaller transmission offered the operator 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds, while the larger gearbox offered the driver twice as many, 16 forward and 8 reverse speeds.

The John Deere 1120 tractor has a weight of 2520 kg (5557 lbs). This weight falls on all four wheels. The front wheels are much smaller than the rear ones. Each measures 7. 5-16 (7. 5 inches wide, 16-inch rim diameter), while the rear wheels are much, much larger. Each measures 13. 6-36 (13. 6 inches wide, 36-inch rim diameter). All four wheels have ag threads to grip the mud. The total length of the tractor is 3. 42 m (135 inches), while the maximum height of the JD 1120 is 2. 54 m (100 inches) from ground level.

The John Deere 1120 tractor’s engine also powers the hydraulic system. This system operates with a flow rate of 48. 8 liters per minute (12. 9 US gallons per minute). Gives the rear hitch a maximum lift capacity of 1620 kg (3572 lbs). The hydraulic system, as well as the rear PTO, allow the JD 1120 to work with a wide range of different accessories and implements. You can leave a comment below if you have ever used this tractor. Be sure to include as much information about it as possible so that potential buyers have a good overview of it. Be sure to also mention any modifications you have made to it.

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