John Deere 100


The John Deere 100 is a seat cu t-off manufactured by John Deere in the seventies, from 1975 to 1978. There is however the John Deere 100 of Specifier series that JD produces for example the John Deere la 105 and the John Deere La145, which will be covered later in this article.

ORIGINAL SHORT – The original JD 100 is not as powerful as many of John Deere’s current top. Its engine produces just 8 horsepower. It is a Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine 1907707 with a single cylinder and ai r-cooled. Unlike many JD hosts today, which usually have 5 marches or an infinite number of marches, the JD 100 only has 3 marches forward and 1 reverse. This cortesped is a 2WD model. This is the old John Deere 100 spectacisped

NEW SERIES – The most recent series of Specifies John Deere consists of the Models La105, LA115, La125, La135SE, LA145, LA155, LA165 and LA175. As there are so many different models, they range from the little ones to the greatest. The smallest of John Deere series is the 105th series of John Deere is the 105th, with a power of 19. 5 hp, while the largest is the LA175, with a power of 26 hp. The size of the cuts of the corteped that fit in the JD 100 series of cortespedes extends from 42 inches in the smallest model to 54 inches in the largest model.

The John Deere 100 of Specifier series is absolutely popular for a variety of reasons. All its engines are built by the very retyable Briggs and Stratton, which guarantees its quality. Everyone also uses John Deere’s Starlock blades that facilitate disassembly, but also maintain the correct amount of blade torsion. All models use the Mount Cargo system specially designed by JD for accessories, which means that any implement you want to use with your corteped can be coupled/decoupling quickly and easily. As the JD 100 of Garden Cortor Tractor series is still relatively new, if you have any problem, it will be very easy to repair it thanks to the ease with which you can get replacement pieces John Deere.

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