Husqvarna WGP3613


The Husqvarna WGP3613 Sort is the least powerful and narrower version of the Husqvarna WGP4815 Sel f-propelled Speaker. The 3613 WGP Speaker Platform has a 3 6-inch cutting width. This cutting width consists of 2 blades, each of which has an 1 8-inch length. The platform is made of 10 caliber steel, but the socket (the sides of the top platform) are actually 7 caliber steel, which is much more durable. The cutting platform is activated manually. You can adjust the cutting platform from a height of 5 inches above the ground to a height of 1. 5 inches in small increases manually so that it always obtains the cutting height you want. The maximum blade speed is impressive 17, 600 feet per minute (FPM) taking into account that the engine only produces 13 hp.

As the Husqvarna WGP 3613 Speaker is a machine with a walking driver, there is no option to collect the grass cuts in a rear tidner. Instead, grass cuts are discharged by the side of the platform. The main function of the front wheels of the WGP3613 is to balance the platform of the cortesped and prevent the ground from hitting, as well as allow the machine to turn easily. That is why the front wheels are quite small, each measures only 9 × 3. 5-4 (9 inches in diameter, 3. 5 inches wide, 4 inches in tire diameter). The rear wheels support much more weight and that’s why they are larger, measuring 13 × 6. 5-6 (13 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches of width, 6 inches in tire diameter). They also drive the machine forward. That is why they have a grass thread.

There is a model very similar to the WGP 3613 corteped. This is the Husqvarna WGP3213 sel f-propelled cutter, with a slightly smaller 3 2-inch cutting platform, but with the same 13 hp Kohler engine.

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