Craftsman 13AL78ST299 21 hp 46 Inch


The Craftsman 13Al78ST299 21 HP 46 inches Garden Tractor Cortacésped is a little less powerful than many of the other garden tractors produced by Craftsman, such as Craftsman 28981 Professional 26 HP 50 ″ or Craftsman 28672 Professional 42 inches 24 HP SCREENCESPED Cortation. The 3 to 78st299 cutting platform has a 4 6-inch cutting width. This platform houses 2 blades and is made of 12 caliber steel. The cutting platform is free flotation and uses the 2 anticaída wheels fixed to its attack edge to gently guide it on the grass. The platform has only 5 different operating heights from a 1. 5-inch decline above the ground at a maximum height of 4 inches above the ground. The cuttin g-edge platform is quite easy to go up and down thanks to a sprin g-assisted manual lever.

To cope with the grass cuts of the cutting platform on the Craftsman 13Al78ST299 21 HP 46 ″ webs, it has 3 options. Many people buy the rear bag accessory to pick them up. However, optionally you can also crush the grass to rot faster and return its nutrients to the ground. The third option, and the simplest, is simply to download the grass cuts on the grass (although sometimes it is a bit annoying in view).

The 21 hp engine that drives the Craftsman Garden Tractor 13Al78ST299 is a monocylindrical model that has a total size of 0. 54 liters. The engine transfers power to the wheels through a continuously variable transmission so that you never have to worry about using a clutch. There are disc brakes to slow down the corteped, although you will see that you will rarely need to use them. The total weight of this 21 hp of Craftsman is 240. 4 kg. If you have possessed or has never worked one of these cortespedes, after let others know what you think of it leaving a review below.

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